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Sea Trial: Sailing After My Father is a non-fiction book

about sailing around Vancouver Island -- a very

challenging circumnavigation -- while trying to

get to the bottom of a medical-legal case that

changed my family's life.  It's part adventure, part

memoir, a simultaneous telling of two great

stories. Now in final editing and production at

ECW Press.

Tokyo Girl is the second Frank Ryan mystery for

Orca Book Publishers. In Tokyo Girl, Frank turns

a holiday in Tokyo into an open-ended stay when

he lands a lucrative gig in a jazz bar, with a sideline providing

piano lessons. But the owner of the bar turns out to a senior

member of the Japanese Mafia. When Frank is befriended by an

attractive woman who has a score to settle with his new boss,

Frank is suddenly way over his head in the Japanese underworld.

By the time the risks outweigh the benefits,

Frank finds himself -- literally -- about to

"swim with the fishes."

Kirkus Reviews said, "this little prose

poem is as pellucid and finely

wrought as a haiku."

Beethoven's Tenth is the first in a series

for Orca Book Publishers. It introduces

Frank Ryan, a piano tuner who gets drawn

into a struggle for the long-lost original

manuscript of what looks like the sequel to Beethoven's '"last"

symphony. There are murders canine and human, abductions,

double-crosses and close encounters of the septic kind, all in a

fast, ninety-minute read. Frank survives to reappear in Tokyo




Reviews of Beethoven's Tenth:

"Scientist Harvey (The End of the River, 2008, ECW) provides all

the ingredients of a novel a lot shorter than a Beethoven

symphony: one crime, one mystery, one threat to the hero's life,

one near-death situation, one twist at the end. The perfect gift for

mystery fans with short attention spans."  Kirkus Reviews.

"A tiny paperback with a surprisingly appealing content. A

mystery with a fabulous, fresh sense of humor. Brian Harvey

(scientist and writer) started with non-fiction (it says here in the

book), and I am glad to see that he tried his hand at fiction - for

he is very, very good at it, judging by this little mystery. . . the

lighthearted and witty tone of it totally won me over (maybe even

more so than the plot). There is a certain charm in a self-

deprecating, a little goofy, but definitely smart and decent

protagonist. I shall certainly look forward to the next Frank Ryan

mystery." Library Thing

"Harvey has created a believable character in Frank Ryan. The

circumstances that he finds himself in become very complicated

very quickly. As an unlikely detective, Ryan escapes his attacker

and manages to outsmart everyone, even the detectives. Rather

than create a simple plot, Harvey writes a story that has many

twists and turns. Beethoven's Tenth is not a simple story, but a

page-turner that requires close attention to detail. A quick read."

CM Magazine

"Frank is on the run and becomes trapped in one of the most

original prisons any author has invented. The book ends with a

very unexpected O Henry kind of twist.

Brian Harvey has written a fast paced, very

original and well plotted book which is an

excellent addition to this excellent Rapid

Reads series." Library Thing

Gone Grizzly is a comic thriller set in the

Canadian Rockies. Take endangered grizzly

bears, a sketchy environmentalist and a

suicidal Russian chopper pilot with a dart

gun. Add some stolen genes, an unusually

tall Japanese tour guide who’s anything but shy, and a Native clan

who aren’t amused when outsiders start messing with their

heritage. You’ve got the makings of Gone Grizzly, an

environmental thriller about the race to

save the planet’s genetic heritage before

it falls into the wrong hands. Gone

Grizzly is a fast-paced trip behind the

scenes of the conservation “business”, by

Zodiac, helicopter, seaplane and stolen

SUV. Behind the black humor and

stunning locations is a story about

technology gone wrong – and an unlikely

heroine who may be a tour guide but

she’s definitely not just along for the ride.

The End of the River (2008) was my first trade book. It is

published by ECW Press.

The End of the River made the Globe and Mail's list of TOP

100 BOOKS OF 2009.  This annual selection represents the

"best and most influential books of the year", published in Canada

and the U.S.

The Globe and Mail said:

"Harvey has. . . a fascination and deftness with language and its

effects, and with the memorable luminescence of a story well


"The End of the River is a brilliant and instructive book, alive with

the author's seditious intelligence, his inner compulsions and

restlessness, the lot of which are wedded to his literal journey in a

way that recalls the travel writing of one of Harvey's heroes, Sir

Richard Burton, who during the mid-1800s explored the Sao

Francisco River that so obsesses Harvey today."

"The book is founded on the author's lifelong fascination with

fish, an attraction that began in the "bottle room" of the British

Columbia Provincial Museum when Harvey was a child, and

eventually extended to fish and fishing cultures as far away as

Japan, the Philippines and South America. Harvey's book sweeps

across continents and oceans, taking us to hand-wringing

conservation conferences in Europe, to his home river — the

Fraser — in British Columbia, to the fish hatcheries and markets

of the Far East — visiting in the process seedy Thai hotels,

Amazonian outposts and Brazil's raucous Carnaval."

More praise for The End of the River

“A wonderful and engaging read with a samba beat, on the plight

of the planet's living waters. A great way to open peoples' eyes."

Brian Harvey is that rare fish, a scientist who can write.” —Dr.

Thomas Lovejoy, founder of the Public TV program “Nature”

Provides a new way to appreciate the aquatic life we so

voraciously consume.” —J.B. MacKinnon, author of “Dead Man

in Paradise” and “The Hundred Mile Diet”

Harvey may have created a new literary genre – science travel

writing.” —Quill and Quire.

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