Brian Harvey

Gone Grizzly

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Gone Grizzly is a comic thriller set in the Canadian

Rockies. Take endangered grizzly bears, a sketchy

environmentalist and a suicidal Russian chopper pilot

with a dart gun. Add some stolen genes, an unusually tall

Japanese tour guide who’s anything but shy, and a

Native clan who aren’t amused when outsiders start

messing with their heritage. You’ve got the makings of

Gone Grizzly, an environmental thriller about the race to

save the planet’s genetic heritage before it falls into the

wrong hands. Gone Grizzly is a fast-paced trip behind

the scenes of the conservation “business”, by Zodiac,

helicopter, seaplane and stolen SUV. Behind the black

humour and stunning locations is a story about

technology gone wrong – and an unlikely heroine who may be a tour

guide but she’s definitely not just along for the ride.

Gone Grizzly is available as a Kindle book.