Brian Harvey

Beethoven's Tenth

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Beethoven's Tenth is the first in a series for Orca Book Publishers.

It introduces Frank Ryan, a piano tuner who gets drawn into a

struggle for the long-lost original manuscript of what looks like the

sequel to Beethoven's '"last" symphony. There are murders canine and

human, abductions, double-crosses and close encounters of the septic

kind, all in a fast, ninety-minute read. Frank survives to reappear in

Tokyo Girl.



Reviews of Beethoven's Tenth:

"Scientist Harvey (The End of the River, 2008, ECW) provides all the

ingredients of a novel a lot shorter than a Beethoven symphony: one

crime, one mystery, one threat to the hero's life, one near-death

situation, one twist at the end. The perfect gift for mystery fans with

short attention spans."  Kirkus Reviews.

"A tiny paperback with a surprisingly appealing content. A mystery

with a fabulous, fresh sense of humor. Brian Harvey (scientist and

writer) started with non-fiction (it says here in the book), and I am

glad to see that he tried his hand at fiction - for he is very, very good at

it, judging by this little mystery. . . the lighthearted and witty tone of it

totally won me over (maybe even more so than the plot). There is a

certain charm in a self-deprecating, a little goofy, but definitely smart

and decent protagonist. I shall certainly look forward to the next

Frank Ryan mystery." Library Thing

"Harvey has created a believable character in Frank Ryan. The

circumstances that he finds himself in become very complicated very

quickly. As an unlikely detective, Ryan escapes his attacker and

manages to outsmart everyone, even the detectives. Rather than create

a simple plot, Harvey writes a story that has many twists and turns.

Beethoven's Tenth is not a simple story, but a page-turner that

requires close attention to detail. A quick read." CM Magazine

"Frank is on the run and becomes trapped in one of the most original

prisons any author has invented. The book ends with a very

unexpected O Henry kind of twist. Brian Harvey has written a fast

paced, very original and well plotted book which is an excellent

addition to this excellent Rapid Reads series." Library Thing

Tokyo Girl and Beethoven's Tenth can also be ordered directly from

Orca Book Publisher